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WebGL & Photorealism 3D full cycle development - Blender, JavaScript, three.js, HTML5, CSS3

Professional in Computer Graphics and JS coding since 2014 

Ramikh 3D Studio

MiniCooper 3D render made in Blender
Omega Speedmaster 3D Render
B_structure Process 3D
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All works on this website were made from scratch in Blender and three.js
Computer graphics is my work and passion. ramikh3d.com specializes in Blender (2D and 3D, modeling/texturing/shading/rendering/animation) and WebGL (JavaScript/three.js/HTML/CSS). I create photorealistic renders and animations, three.js based websites with live graphics, models for 3d printing, stuff for game development 3D (low-poly, Unity, baking/atlas, retopology). Knowing everything about Blender/Gimp/Photoshop/three.js and being very serious about every project delivering best quality result on quick timelines. 
Currently (2022) I'm mostly busy with Blender 2.8 and three.js


Ramikh3d's main goal is to serve you with the best quality computer graphics, always on time


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